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Aluminum Scaffolding Sales and Rental

Alufase aluminum scaffolds are an essential resource for several industries. Tiger Scaffold, an Alufase Scaffold Distributor provides high-quality designs and manufacturing outcomes to deliver flexible and adaptable products that work in numerous environments. We’re committed to providing the best products to meet your current needs!

Our Scaffolding Services



We produce scaffolds of various sizes, shapes, and designs with this lightweight metal to ensure you have the strongest product possible.



When you work in potentially hazardous conditions, this material serves as a suitable alternative to different metals for your scaffold.



You receive your scaffold where you need it when working with our team.


Assembly and Disassembly

Our team is always standing by to answer whatever questions you might have with your scaffold or scaffolding tower.


Customer Service

If you have a question, comment, or concern, we’ll make sure that you get the information you want.



We use an in-house system for scaffold production to ensure you receive the best experience possible.


Maintenance Projects for Aluminum Scaffolds

Although some private jobs might use a ladder to get stuff done, an aluminum scaffold is a safer option. This resource makes it easier to work on roofs, ceilings, frontages, and other needs at height. Any auxiliary structure that cannot be reached by a stepladder or on foot benefits from our product line. We deliver indoor and outdoor solutions to ensure that each job gets done safely and efficiently.


Building Projects for Aluminum Scaffolds

Multi-story construction projects must be able to reach heights to work safely and comfortably. Our team delivers building scaffolds that adapt to your needs thanks to the lightweight designs and aluminum’s unique durability. When you invest in our product, it can handle coastal climates, long-term exposure, and more going up multiple floors. 


Aviation Projects for Aluminum Scaffolds

Our aircraft maintenance platforms follow the same guiding principles as other aluminum scaffold designs. The strong, lightweight materials provide auxiliary structures that can help workers maintain wing components, work on engines, and handle other everyday maintenance tasks. Each design comes with our warranty guarantees and commitment to craftsmanship from our internal manufacturing processes.


Our Commitment to You

Every scaffold we manufacture is the high-quality product you expect to receive for each project. With this investment supporting your activities, our team’s goal is to help you land more projects, work safely, and adapt to changing conditions to always maximize your profitability.

We Give You the Best Aluminum Scaffolds

10-Year Guarantee

When you order from Alufase Scaffold, you are guaranteed a 10-year period free of manufacturing defects. Since we control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, you can have confidence in our safety standards and overall reliability.

Massive Inventory

As one of the premier providers of aluminum scaffold products today, we carry a significant inventory of different designs and styles to ship immediately. When you tell us your needs, we can adapt the final product to meet your specific requirements.

Affordable and Dependable

When you contact our team about your scaffolding needs, your sales representative can answer whatever questions you have about our product. You’ll find that we deliver affordable, efficient, and dependable designs that meet or exceed the current safety standards for your municipality.

Safety and Security

Every scaffold produced by our maintenance team gets checked and re-checked during the entire manufacturing process to ensure it meets your safety expectations. The security of your workers is our most important concern when producing the designs that you need for your next project.

Training and Verification

When you order Alufase aluminum scaffold from our team, the investment includes information about the assembly and dismantling of your preferred product. Our team is there every step of the way to ensure you’re adequately prepared to use your investment wisely. We are happy to answer whatever questions you might have in this area.

100% Quality Control

Although aluminum scaffolds have several advantages compared to traditional products, those benefits are only possible when appropriate quality control measures are put in place to create them. Alufase Scaffold has rigorous policies and procedures in place to ensure that you receive a high-quality result every time.

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How Alufase Aluminum Scaffold Is Different

When you purchase scaffolding materials from other brands, you’re often buying an external structure made by someone else. That process is called “white-label manufacturing.” That means you don’t know who is making your design. Can you trust something when you have almost no details about the manufacturing process?

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