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Stage Scaffolding

 When you have appropriate stage scaffolding resources available, you can create a scene almost anywhere. This resource can become a performance area, a launching point for other work, or any live representation that happens before a live audience.

Stage scaffolding is safe for people and equipment. You’ll find small towers used for lighting, audio equipment, speakers, and more. Extensive platforms with massive open areas are perfect for performers, sets, cameras, and spotlights. When you include our module-based system for your next event, you’ll find that it is possible to develop complex structures while using a straightforward erection approach.

If you have a play, recital, or concert that you want to pull off outside, stage scaffolding is the investment that makes sense today. We use a cold bending process to adapt the aluminum’s shape to meet your spatial requirements, reducing the need for welds and weak points in the final design.

Every Stage Scaffolding Design is Customizable

 Stage scaffolding is an appropriate above-ground solution for a catwalk, ladder jack, and similar applications. Our module system makes fast work of the erection process, creating complex structures quickly that don’t compromise on the safety features you need for each situation.

Although stage scaffolding is often erected for live performances and audience participation, it can also come in handy for construction projects and other scenarios. Our aluminum and fiberglass production methodologies create interior sets or exterior locations with ease, developing a stable system that handles your needs in virtually any environment.

If you have any special structural needs for your stage scaffolding, our internal manufacturing processes can accommodate most requests. That benefit includes the security systems needed to have a safe user experience. This design guarantee ensures that your purchase meets or exceeds the current safety standards for where your event is being held.

Let our experience in the performance arts serve as your next best asset when investing in stage scaffolding. Whether you need a small platform for an intimate venue or a massive area to use for an outdoor festival, our team can produce the results you want at an affordable price.

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