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Rolling Scaffold Towers

 When you need to access something high, you could break out a ladder to get the job done. Suppose you have access to one of today’s best aluminum rolling towers to meet your scaffolding needs. In that case, you’ll have a safer and more secure environment with which to work.

The issue with many scaffolding configurations is that they cannot get relocated once the erection work is complete. If you need to place the product elsewhere, a full disassembly must occur, followed by assembly work at the new location. At that point, a competent person needs to review the work to ensure that it meets the acceptable standards before being used.

When you have one of our rolling towers, you have an ideal solution. It’s a free-standing design fitted with heavy-duty casters. You can move it quickly to different locations without requiring powered towing equipment to get the job done.

You’ll also find that rolling scaffold towers are significantly cheaper than other permanent or semi-permanent installations.

How to Maximize Your Use of a Rolling Scaffold Towers

When you have a rolling scaffold tower available for your next project, the first step is to remove any debris from the working area. If you impact tools, building materials, or other items while transporting them to a new location, the risk for damage increases exponentially.

Since rolling scaffold towers are free-standing structures, you have fewer bracing options available to use to create a stable environment. That’s why this design works better on flat surfaces, especially when there is indoor work to complete. Leveling jacks and adjustable casters can help you account for minor gradient problems.

The vertical columns of rolling scaffold scaffolds fit with an independent caster for more motion and freedom when moving the product around the job site. That also means careful attention is necessary for the central column to ensure that a safe experience is available at all times.

When you need portable solutions to work at height, rolling scaffold towers provide an investment that makes sense. They’re easy to transport, simple to erect, and deliver stability on a budget. Contact our team today to discuss what solutions could work for your situation!

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