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If you want to find out more about aluminum scaffolds, this page offers links to today’s best aluminum scaffold resources.

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On July 6, 2021

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Aluminum scaffold resources can help you find the best designs for your next job. Whether you have a massive outdoor project encompassing multiple floors or an indoor need that requires support to reach the right height, scaffolding is an affordable answer!

If you’re unsure of the potential benefits that aluminum scaffolds can offer, this resource page can help you find the data you need to buy the correct unit.

 Top Resources for Aluminum Scaffolds

 Here are the best resources to review if you’re researching the various benefits of aluminum scaffolds today. Each link goes to a third-party site, so please remember to take appropriate safety precautions to protect your information.


1. OSHA Safety Guide

This resource reviews the various safety factors that you must know to operate with aluminum scaffolds. It’s a comprehensive document that considers all potential issues that you’ll face from a business perspective. These regulations are considered the minimum standard to implement, but you’ll need to review local rules before starting your first job.


2. NYC Scaffold Equipment Guide

Although this resource is specific to New York City buildings, it gives you an idea of what to expect for local regulations in your area. It covers the different scaffold types you can use, where it is legally permissible to use one, and the scope of work expected with it. Before applying for a project, you’ll need to include the location of all existing equipment or devices on the property, including this item.


3. Scaffolding User Manual

This self-made resource delivers a user manual that helps you understand more about the aluminum scaffold product and user process. It covers 41 slides with helpful information that can get you started on the right foot. Although it won’t serve as a replacement for the documentation that comes with your order, this item can give you an idea of what to expect if you’re still researching your options.


4. Scaffolds Regulations and Standards

This documentation is an appendix to the non-mandatory guidelines that help businesses comply with today’s safety standards for aluminum scaffolds. It’s presented by the U.S. Department of Labor, offering component ideas that aren’t always selected as part of the review process. You’ll find support for different types as well, including roof bracket, horse, tube, coupler, and pole.


5. Planks and Platforms

This resource comes from SSFI (Scaffolding, Shoring, and Forming Institute). It covers the various rules and regulations for the different platforms and planks used by aluminum scaffolds today. It covers how the various materials have other intended uses and capabilities so that everyone can understand the pros and cons of the available products readily. One of the most helpful sections is the glossary of terms, allowing everyone to get on the same page from the beginning.


When you have access to the right resources for aluminum scaffolds, you can make an informed and empowered decision about this asset. Please remember to review your local rules and regulations to ensure that you comply with all expected standards.

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