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General Alufase Scaffolding Information

With Alufase Scaffolding USA, you can easily reach all areas of the repair to do a better job in half the time. You’ll also save tons of time and energy by not constantly climbing up and down to reposition your ladder. At we will walk you through how to set up your scaffolding so it’s safe and secure.

Scaffolding Basics

The standard setup that is ideal for most projects around the home consists of 5-FT STANDARD END FRAMES and CROSS BRACES to make a 7-ft long scaffold. In addition to BASE PLATES and a GUARDRAIL SYSTEM, the main components of a scaffolding system are the FRAMES and CROSS BRACES that you stack and combine end to end to make larger scaffolds. The most common frame size is 5 ft wide and 5 ft tall, but a variety of other sizes are available depending on your needs.

Walk-Thru Scaffolding

When to use these frames as opposed to 5×5 ladder sets? If you are building a row or line where you would like to be able to walk from end to the other end of a tower on one of the lower levels, this frame is the answer. It allows you to hold supplies or tools in hand and walk unimpeded from one end to the other without having to bend your head down or stepping up and over a lower horizontal bar. 

Where can I request Custom Scaffolding Design?

To get a custom quote, please visit our Custom Scaffolding Design page. Click here to get started:

Scaffolding Tips

 *The distance between frames is determined by the length of the cross braces, 7-ft and 10-ft being the most common and economical.
* Buy adjusting SCREW JACKS and BASE PLATES for easy leveling on uneven ground.
* Buy 8″ CASTERS if you plan to move the scaffolding.
* Top the frames with three 7-FT PLANKS and a GUARDRAIL SYSTEM.
* Don’t be tempted to save money by using your own ordinary WOOD PLANKS for the work surface; they aren’t strong enough.
* Measure to determine the ideal platform height for your job. Keep in mind that your working height is about 4ft to 6 ft above the SCAFFOLD PLANKS.