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Shipyard Scaffolding

Today’s vessels are bigger, taller, and broader than ever before. When you need to complete work on the outer hull, shipyard scaffolding is almost mandatory in today’s environment. This asset provides the safe elevated working surface required to manage the most challenging tasks for today’s boat construction, maintenance, and repair needs.

Whether you’re working on a luxury yacht, a cruise ship, or a small fishing vessel, you’ll find that shipyard scaffolding is a resource you cannot ignore. Our team manufactures staging scaffolds by modules with our proprietary process to make this structure as adaptable and flexible as possible without compromising your safety.

Our shipyard scaffolding features aluminum because the metal is naturally resistant to corrosion. It resists the mighty forces that work against it in coastal environments to ensure conductivity doesn’t occur. Boat systems can be pretty sensitive to any energy surges, which is why we help you get the project started off on the right foot with this scaffold foundation.

Security Is Our Priority with Shipyard Scaffolding

 We work with several design options for your shipyard scaffolding, creating a result that works with your vessel’s shape. This approach delivers a comfortable structure that provides convenient access without compromising the quality of the installation.

One of our most popular options is a ladder-based design for shipyard scaffolding. We create stair-like climbing features that install next to the boat to ensure each person can reach the appropriate height for the job that needs to get done.

In addition to using aluminum for these scaffolds, our team also works with fiberglass to ensure sparks and currents don’t transfer between the platform and the vessel. The goal is to create something versatile, simple, and adaptable. When your scaffolding is easy to handle, it’s much easier to stay productive. Whether you need to work on a curved hull, rudder, propeller, or superstructure, we’ve got you covered every step of the way!

With a ten-year guarantee protecting your investment, it’s time to get your shipyard functioning at its maximum capacity with our scaffolding products. Our custom solutions and internal manufacturing ensure that you’ll always get what you need.

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