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Fiberglass Scaffolding by Alufase Scaffold

Alufase Scaffold offers portable, lightweight, and safe-access fiberglass scaffolding systems. This material reduces risks in working environments where electrical hazards pose potential safety threats to workers.

By using our fiberglass scaffolds, you can maintain safer working environments without sacrificing the customization, freedom of movement, and verticality that scaffolding provides.

What Are the Benefits of Fiberglass Scaffolding?

The benefits of using fiberglass scaffolding from Alufase Scaffold are numerous.

It is a non-conductive material. Electrical hazards in some environments represent a significant risk to workers. Alufase Scaffold delivers a product thoroughly tested and certified to be non-conductive in compliance with today’s ANSI standards. You can finish your construction or renovation project with confidence.

Minimal thermal energy transference occurs

Metal scaffolds in the sunshine can get hot to the touch. When investing in fiberglass products from Alufase Scaffold, you’ll discover that this material is an excellent insulator. Instead of absorbing the sun’s energy, it provides a safer working surface that spreads out that resource to avoid hot spots and potential injury risks.

Fiberglass uses chemical-resistant components

Alufase Scaffold uses high-strength compound materials in our fiberglass scaffolding products to prevent premature erosion, especially when working around chemicals. This design element delivers a heavy-duty product that serves as the ideal climbing solution for sites around semiconductor manufacturing, hospitals, or other environments using chemically-based products routinely.

It features non-oxidizing components

The materials found in Alufase Scaffold fiberglass scaffolding don’t oxidize the same way that conventional aluminum designs typically do. This attribute prevents the working surfaces from deteriorating, extending the overall service life of your investment. You will lower the cost and time of maintenance responsibilities when investing in this material.

Fiberglass creates improved visibility

At Alufase Scaffold, we use bright yellow to provide enhanced visibility in working environments. Using a noticeable color makes it easier for others to avoid your working area without investing in multiple resources to protect everyone.

It is a lightweight solution

Fiberglass scaffolding is comparatively light when put next to other materials. You’ll find that the designs are easy to port without creating hindrances. Despite this advantage, an Alufase Scaffold made with this material is almost equal to alloy or carbon steel, making it an essential investment for providers large or small.

Fiberglass scaffolds are an economical solution

Since refining fiberglass into a high-quality scaffold costs less to install than other options, the prices for this option through Alufase Scaffold are often much lower than other materials. When you browse through our selection, you’ll find that we can meet or beat almost anyone’s price profile in the industry today!

When you need to work at height, a high-quality scaffold from one of today’s premier manufacturers ensures that you can get the project finished safely and accurately. For more information about fiberglass scaffolding from Alufase Scaffold, please contact us at your convenience for a custom quote.

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