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Braces part No.212

DESCRIPTION: 8′ long diagonal brace.
WEIGHT: 5.07 lb

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Braces are used to join the differents parts of the tower. Made of 0.06″, thick aluminum tube, each bar includes a special hook which enables you to quickly and easily connect the differents tubes without using tools, ensuring that they lock safely into place and have 225° of contact.

Horizontal braces are used at the base when erecting scaffolding towers and as safety elements on other levels. Diagonal braces are used as structural elements.

Braces part No.212


Braces part No.212


Braces part No.212


Braces part No.212


Special Projects Scaffolding

Our special projects scaffolding designs deliver custom results for a fair, competitive price. You can use our experience and professional manufacturing processes to create an unrivaled structure for quality, safety, and overall service. Whether you’ve got a massive tank that requires restoration, or you need a simple tower to reach those recessed lighting bulbs that need changing, our team has you covered!

You’ll find our knowledge of residential, commercial, and industrial scaffolding allows your team to work at height effectively. Our commitment to providing ongoing improvements with our internal manufacturing processes ensures that you can always stay a step ahead of the competition.

When Do I Need Special Projects Scaffolding?

 Whenever a building is getting built, substantially repaired, or demolished, the project likely requires scaffolding. Size doesn’t matter in this circumstance. It can be a public project, a residential need, or a commercial requirement for buildings of all dimensions.

Most special projects that require people to operate at heights above four feet typically require scaffolding of some type. Some regulations might allow for six feet above a lower level if you have a construction project to complete. Once you reach ten feet, fall protection is typically mandatory.

When working with our team, you’re choosing the best equipment and systems for your scaffold installation. We build the safety systems required to keep your people safe!

Various accessories are also a possibility for some scaffolding installations. It depends on the application and the scaffold type required for your project. From swivel couplers to putlogs, baseplates to fixed or adjustable legs, and fixed or swivel flange clamps, we can build what you need for a successful result.

Even if you need stage scaffolding for an exceptional performance, our team is there to create the foundation you need for a positive outcome. Our team is standing by right now to answer any questions you might have so that we can meet your special project’s needs quickly and affordably today!


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